About SignBird

Ultimate user friendliness, that’s what it’s about. That’s our software’s added value saving you time!

More than just secure and legally valid

User Experience & Saving

SignBird is one of the pioneers in the market of online signing with legal specialist and internet entrepreneurs as founders.


User friendliness

Signing online is very easy. With a fully responsive website for the most ultimate User Experience

No need for software

Your contractual partners don’t need to install complicated software or apps to be able to sign.


Anywhere in the world with internet access, you and your clients can sign contracts and documents, anywhere and at anytime

Compatible with any device

Whether you use a tablet, phone, laptop or PC, running on Windows or Mac, you will be able to sign.

Who we are

Our birds

Besides three fulltime employees and a team visiting new clients daily, our three founders coordinate their teams, making sure everything goes smoothly in regard to digital signatures.

Maarten Koolen

Maarten Koolen

Legal Bird

Maarten is our inhouse legal specialist in the field of contracts and signing them in a legally valid manner.

Juan Weijers

Juan Weijers

Sales Bird

Juan is actively involved in our marketing and sales and happily explains why you should work with SignBird.

Peter Paauw

Peter Paauw

Financial Bird

Peter organizes all financial things in the background and automates as much as possible to make sure we work cheaper and faster than others.

We are always ready for you

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