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Up to 10 contracts monthly


€ 0,90


11 to 200 contracts monthly


€ 0,70


>200 contracts monthly

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Frequently asked questions

Which plan do I have to use?

You can start very cheaply. If you seldom send out contracts, you should pick the starter package. If you exceed it, you will receive a message and you can agree to the cheaper rates of the professional package. The advanced package is the cheapest and you will need it if you have over 200 contracts signed monthly.

How do I get free credits?

Your friends from other departments or companies are worth twice as much now. It’s very easy to score free months. If you subscribe for 12 months and your colleague or friend does the same, you will both get a month for free. Meaning you will not have twelve, but thirteen months of signing via SignBird benefits.

Is the number of users restricted?

No, you buy credits by amount and you decide yourself whether you want to get cheaper rates from the start by picking a cheaper package or by having your package upgraded as soon if you exceed the number of contracts.

Does SignBird have an API?

Yes, SignBird has an API, allowing to easily connect your software to ours.