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Why would you start to sign documents online?

Signing documents online is the standard to swiftly sign digitally. A digital signature equals a hand-written version legally.


Legally valid

Signing documents online is legally valid and our software complies with all legal regulations.


Signing online is secure and we work with the same SSL-certificates which are used with online banking.


Never having to scan or send mail again, meaning saving time and money from day one.

Our clients notice that a digital signature not only saves them time and money, but it is seen as an advantage by their customers as well. That makes it a Unique Selling Point.

Sign documents online

How do you sign documents online?

Signing documents online is the way to save money and to take a lead on competitors. It is also increasingly seen as a Unique Selling Point, as your customers can also sign online documents more easily, faster and cheaper.

For signing documents online, you do not have to install separate software, because you can arrange everything in our environment if you want. In addition, you will be able to connect your own software via an API.

An API ensures that your software can communicate with ours. That way you can automate and create your own look and feel. As a result, it’s impossible for your customers and relationships to see that you use our techniques.

How to sign and send documents with Signbird?

You can create, edit, sign and send your documents online met SignBird. You can compile your documents, but you can also just upload and indicate where to sign. You can edit this anytime. Then you send the documents online to the customers and relationships who need to sign. Of course, you can email one contract or quote directly to multiple parties without them seeing this, if you do not want to. A kind of CC and BCC option like with email.

How do you sign documents online?

The easiest way to sign documents online is by using software for digital signatures like SignBird. You get instant access to our online environment and can therefore start creating documents right away. For example, do this by uploading them and specifying where you want to have a signature. Then you send the documents. Once signed, you will receive an immediate notification that they’re signed. If a customer doesn’t sign, you can set a notification that after a few days reminds the customer that they have to sign.

This greatly increases the conversion so more quotes are converted into paid assignments. Because customers can immediately sign online, they will take less time to think about it. Old-fashioned offline quotes show that signing often takes more than ten days. During that week, a lot can happen, and so it often happens that parties refrain from the deal. The online signing of online documents will avoid this situation because, on average, they will be signed within a few hours and the offer has become a deal.

Sign documents online
Can I sign documents with an API?

SignBird offers you the opportunity to let your own software communicate with ours. This happens with an API for optimal ease of use. This API makes the communication even smoother and ensures that you can send and sign documents online.

How to have customers sign documents with Signbird?

You can easily let customers sign online. By email, you send the documents to be signed through us, and ask the customers for a signature. They can then place the signature using any device anywhere in the world. It does not matter if they sign the document online on a phone, ipad, laptop or pc.

Is signing documents online legal?

A valid online signature requires an eSignature. By means of a type of mark, we can confirm that the signature is from the signatory and that the document or signature has not been changed after the signing. In addition, the latest SSL certificates are being used. For example, these are also used by online banking websites. This ensures that it is legal and safe.

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The easiest way to sign documents online is by using software for digital signatures like SignBird.

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